The Collection

My collection began in the 80s, at the beginning of my professional life, with the acquisition of fertility dolls discovered during my first trips overseas. It has expanded during my professional and private travels, to reach more than 400 objects, statuettes, amulets, fetishes, sculptures, modeling, reproductions, engravings, paintings, images, as well as thousands of photographs of objects encountered on the way, in markets, museums, art galleries, private homes, villages, and in the streets.

My professional activity certainly helped me, since I have been privileged to visit almost all the countries of the world, to meet health personnel of all kinds, to evaluate maternal and neonatal health structures, and to wander in innumerable villages in order to meet women and talk about their reproductive problems.

The gallery below is organized by major themes, starting with history (pre-history, neolithic, ancient history of the Mediterranean and the Middle East, of Asia and Africa), then addressing one by one specific geographical areas of the planet. The gallery features a few emblematic images for each chapter, which will be expanded later in the course of development of the website.